Photo credit: Matt Leaf

Photo credit: Matt Leaf

Scott Plumbe

Illolab Illustration Inc.

Scott Plumbe is an award-winning illustrator, designer and fine artist whose work appears in books and magazines, games, interpretive centres, private collections and more. His illustrations have been featured in magazines such as Communication Arts (US), Applied Arts (CA), Creative Review (UK) and 3x3 (US).

Among other projects, Scott is currently illustrating National Geographic Kids middle-grade fact-based fiction series, Explorer Academy. Book 1, The Nebula Secret is out now and book 2, The Falcon's Feather is out Spring 2019, and book 3, The Double Helix is out Fall 2019. Others to follow!

Scott was born on the west coast of Canada. His father was a paper merchant and his mother a potter. Growing up with an abundance of paper and clay at hand, Scott naturally channelled his energy into a creative career.

After studying design and illustration at college, Scott hit the road and discovered a love for the Middle East and Asia. His favourite travel destinations change from year to year, among them are the Azores (Portugal), Morocco, Nepal, India and Japan. Of course he also is very fond of numerous places in between. During that time he had the good fortune to teach English and Art at a school in the Kathmandu valley. He has also camped inside an ancient Roman amphitheater in Syria, trekked around sacred Mount Kailash in Tibet, and walked to the source of the Holy Ganges River in India.

When not sitting at his desk painting, he can be found spending time with his wife and two young sons in the local Chinese gardens sipping tea and planning their next adventure together. Scott’s ideal family vacation would involve visiting a tea estate in Sri Lanka or panning for gold in Canada’s vast Yukon Territory.



Scott is active on Instagram as SketchPaintRepeat: