Bombay Bread Bar, NY. Interior by Kris Moran

Poster art: Scott Plumbe. Interior: Kris Moran. Photo: Teddy Wolff courtesy Bombay Bread Bar.


It all started when…

I got a phone call from Kris Moran, the set decorator behind numerous Wes Anderson films such as The Darjeeling Limited, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Moonrise Kingdom. She was chasing down ideas for the interior of Floyd Cardoz's new SoHo Indian eatery, the Bombay Bread Bar and stumbled across some of my photos of a taxidermy exhibit at the Indian Museum in Kolkata. Looking to amp up the quirkiness factor, what ended up fitted best with the restaurant's vibe were some of my meticulously illustrated Carte de Visite of anthropomorphic animals.

Just a few days later the illustration licenses were issued, high-resolution files uploaded and the posters were printed and hanging on the walls in time for the grand opening! Hey, check out the Bombay Bread Bar's mouth-watering menu here. Enjoy!




Architectural Digest


Interview with Kris Moran by  Nylon  magazine 

Interview with Kris Moran by Nylon magazine 

The inspiration for these animals came from one of the favorite books in my archive, Natural History of Indian Mammalia, Thacker, Spink and Co. 1884. Theo is the dapper Indian Fox. Vijay is the strapping Bengal Tiger, and Abhik is the dhoti-clad Himalayan Bear. See the complete illustrated series below.