Grimmig & Anders fairytale anthology by Thienemann Esslinger


It all started when…

An editor from the bespoke German children's book publisher Thienemann Esslinger saw some of my illustrations in an exhibit at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. They asked me what I thought about doing a richly illustrated anthology of macabre children's fairytales. When a German publisher that's been around since 1849 asks you to illustrate some fairytales by the Brothers Grimm, well, there's only one answer—YES! Oh, and then things really heated up when we added stories by Oscar Wilde, and the classic, Beauty and the Beast! That was the birth of the award-wining Grimmig & Anders.

German edition in stores now, translations coming soon:


2017 Applied Arts Illustration Award Winner, Complete Book Illustration

Grimmit & Anders award-winning fairytale anthology

Work in progress