Nonsuch Gallery Renewal Project, The Manitoba Museum (2017-18)

Mural art: Scott Plumbe | Photo © Manitoba Museum/Ian McCausland | Exhibit Design: AldrichPears Associates


It all started when…

The renown interpretive planning and exhibit design firm AldrichPears Associates reached out to see if had time in my schedule to take on a modest sized mural project. After finding out it was chance to contribute to The Manitoba Museum’s Nonsuch Gallery Renewal Project I was pretty excited. The mural wraps the background of an evocative exhibit featuring an excerpt of oral history retold by renown Omushkego (Swampy Cree) storyteller and elder, Louis Bird. He describes the first encounter between the Cree of James Bay and European explorers.

After a multimillion-dollar renovation, one of the Manitoba Museum’s most popular attractions is open to the public again. The Nonsuch is a replica of the first ship to bring beaver pelts to England for trade, starting the Hudson’s Bay Company over 300 years ago.

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